Nendo, the Japanese design studio, have just launched their MINIM+AID disaster kit specifically designed for those affected by earthquakes, likes of which devastated parts of Japan in 2011. The kit contains a whistle, radio, raincoat, lantern, water container and a multipurpose case.


Designed more of a precautionary measure just in case, for those city dwellers. This I suppose justifies the aesthetic as this will be carried around as part of ones everyday items, in a suitcase, man-bag etc. Especially in Japan I believe the desirability of this is crucial to its success.

This is a great example of how looking at these situations from the other way up, minimising charity/disaster relief stereotypes, and designing with a focus on the customer's day-to-day environment first, a product with an aesthetic closer to high end deodorant cans could actually prove to save more lives than those designed with the disaster environment as its starting point.


Check it out here.