This is a small beta app I'm working on based around subscribing to people's maps. The idea being, using Google Maps and their custom map building tool you can create collections of places on a map that can be shared with others.

Now ideally this is a lovely little app that you can browse and subscribe to your mates maps, but in the spirit of iterative learning and a lean design process I am mocking up this service here to see what people think.

I have created Pete's London Coffee and Food maps. A collection of my favourite spots in London. I'm continually updating these as I discover more places, so if you have subscribed to them you will see these additions pop up in real time.


Below are the two examples I have put together so feel free to try them out. Heres a quick guide to how to subscribe to these.

Step 1. Download the Google Maps app on your mobile and sign in using your Google account. If you don't have a Google account go ahead and signup for one, you can do this within the app.

Step 2. Then click on one of the maps below. If on an iPhone open in safari (hold down and press open in new tab), or in the Google Maps app if your on an Android device.

Step 3. This should open the map in Google Maps either in the app or the Safari browser. Make sure your logged in and then press the little star icon which is on the Map Legend (accessed by pressing the white bar at the bottom of the map)

Step 4. You now have subscribed to this map and it will be in My Places which can be accessed from the Google Maps app on either android or iOS devices and on desktop.